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SQL> oradebug doc event action

Actions in library DIAG:

evfunc                            - Get posting function name
evfile                            - Get posting file name
evline                            - Get posting file line number as ub8
evfmt                             - Get trace / log format string
evargc                            - Get count of event check arguments as a ub8
evargn                            - Get event check argument value as ub8
evargp                            - Get event check argument value as void *
evargs                            - Get event check argument as string, with optional format
errargs                           - Get error argument as string
errargn                           - Get error argument as ub8
errargp                           - Get error argument as pointer
errargc                           - Get count of error arguments as a ub8
sum                               - Compute a1 + a2 + ... + a15 as ub8 (zero if all NULL)
trace                             - trace to disk; apply format to string arguments
                                         % is an argument placeholder
                                         \n and \t are supported. Use double \ as escape
sub                               - Compute a1 - a2 as ub8
add                               - Compute a1 + a2 as ub8
mod                               - Compute a1 modulo a2 as ub8
div                               - Compute a1 / a2 as ub8
mul                               - Compute a1 * a2 as ub8
incr                              - Increment ptr by offset
decr                              - Decrement ptr by offset
refn                              - Dereference ptr-to-number: *(ub*)(((ub1*))) + )
refp                              - Dereference ptr-to-ptr: *(ub1**)(((ub1*))) + )
refs                              - Dereference ptr-to-string: *(oratext **)(((ub1*)) + )
                                      Length is optional; NULL-terminated string is assumed
refsl                             - Dereference ptr-to-string: *(oratext **)(((ub1*)) + )
                                      with ptr-to-length: *(ub*)(((ub1*)) + )
dumpFrameContext                  - Dump Frame Context contents

shortstack                        - get short stack (up to 256 characters)
                                      showoffsets controls display of code offsets
                                      skipframes can be used to overcome 256 char limit
                                  shortstack( skipframes       default '0',
                                              showoffsets     < false | true > default 'false',
                                              Action returns: [256])

Actions in library RDBMS:

incident                          - Create an Incident
sqlmon_dump                       - SQL Monitor Dump SGA Action
varaddr                           - Return address of a fixed PGA/SGA/UGA variable
username                          - Return user log-in name
sqlid                             - Return current SQL Id in character format
flashfreeze                       - flashfreeze
                                  flashfreeze( proc            [50],
                                               err_arg         [100])
oradebug                          - debug process using ORADEBUG
                                  oradebug( level            default '1',
                                            lifetime        ,
                                            armcount        ,
                                            traceinc        )
debugger                          - debug process using System Debugger
debug                             - alias for 'debugger' - debug process using System Debugger
                                  debugger( level            default '1',
                                            lifetime        ,
                                            armcount        ,
                                            traceinc        )

crash                             - crash process
kill_instance                     - killing RDBMS instance
controlc_signal                   - received 1013 signal
eventdump                         - list events that are set in the group
HMCHECK                           (async)
REDO_INTEGRITY_CHECK              (async)
SQL_TESTCASE_REC                  (async)
SQL_TESTCASE_REC_DATA             (async)

ORA_4030_DUMP                     - dump summary of PGA memory usage, largest allocations
ORA_4036_DUMP                     - dump summary of PGA memory usage
HNGDET_MEM_USAGE_DUMP_NOARGS      - dump hang detection memory usage
kcfis_action                      - kcfis actions
exadata_dump_modvers              - Exadata dump module versions
QUERY_BLOCK_DUMP                  - Debug action for dumping a qbcdef tree
dumpADVMState                     - Dump contents of ADVM state
dumpASMState                      - Dump contents of ASM state
ASM_CHECK_DG                      - (async) Run check diskgroup
ASM_DUMP_KSTSS                    - Dump KST Trace and System State
ASM_MOUNT_FAIL_CHECK              - (async)
ASM_DGFDM_CHECK_NO_DG_NAME        - (async)
ASM_SYNC_IO_FAIL_CHECK            - (async)
ASM_ALLOC_FAIL_CHECK              - (async)
ASM_ADD_DISK_CHECK                - (async)
ASM_FILE_BUSY_CHECK               - (async)
KJZN_ASYNC_SYSTEM_STATE           - (async)
KSI_GET_TRACE                     - Get lmd0 traces for ksi issues
TRACE_BUFFER_ON                   - Allocate trace output buffer for ksdwrf()
TRACE_BUFFER_OFF                  - Flush and deallocate trace output buffer for ksdwrf()
LATCHES                           - Dump Latches
XS_SESSION_STATE                  - Dump XS session state
PROCESSSTATE                      - Dump process state
SYSTEMSTATE                       - Dump system state
INSTANTIATIONSTATE                - Dump instantiation state
CONTEXTAREA                       - Dump cursor context area
HEAPDUMP                          - Dump memory heap (1-PGA, 2-SGA, 4-UGA, +1024-Content)
SGA_SUMMARY                       - Dump SGA Summary(<=1-SGA, 2-Large Pool, 4-Streams, 8-Java, 16-Extents)
POKE_LENGTH                       - Set length before poking value
POKE_VALUE                        - Poke a value into memory
POKE_VALUE0                       - Poke 0 value into memory
GLOBAL_AREA                       - Dump fixed global area(s) (1=PGA/2=SGA/3=UGA, add +8 for pointer content)
REALFREEDUMP                      - Dump PGA real free memory allocator state
FLUSH_JAVA_POOL                   - Flush Java pool
PGA_DETAIL_GET                    - Ask process to publish PGA detail info (level is pid)
PGA_DETAIL_DUMP                   - Dump PGA detail information for process (level is pid)
PGA_DETAIL_CANCEL                 - Free PGA detail request (level is pid)
PGA_SUMMARY                       - Summary of PGA memory usage, largest allocations
MODIFIED_PARAMETERS               - Dump parameters modifed by session (level unused)
ERRORSTACK                        - Dump state (ksedmp). Use INCIDENT action to create incident
CALLSTACK                         - Dump call stack (level > 1 to dump args)
RECORD_CALLSTACK                  - Record or dump call stack, level = #frames (level += 1000000 go to trc)
BG_MESSAGES                       - Dump routine for background messages
ENQUEUES                          - Dump enqueues (level >=2 adds resources, >= 3 adds locks)
KSTDUMPCURPROC                    - Dump current process trace buffer (1 for all events)
KSTDUMPALLPROCS                   - Dump all processes trace buffers (1 for all events)
KSTDUMPALLPROCS_CLUSTER           - Dump all processes (cluster wide) trace buffers (1 for all events)
KSKDUMPTRACE                      - Dumping KSK KST tracing (no level)
DBSCHEDULER                       - Dump ressource manager state
LDAP_USER_DUMP                    - Dump LDAP user mode
LDAP_KERNEL_DUMP                  - Dump LDAP kernel mode
DUMP_ALL_OBJSTATS                 - Dump database objects statistics
DUMPGLOBALDATA                    - Rolling migration DUMP GLOBAL DATA
HANGANALYZE                       - Hang analyze
HANGANALYZE_PROC                  - Hang analyze current process
HANGANALYZE_GLOBAL                - Hang analyze system
HNGDET_MEM_USAGE_DUMP             - dump hang detection memory usage
GES_STATE                         - Dump DML state
RACDUMP                           - Dump RAC state
OCR                               - OCR client side tracing
CSS                               - CSS client side tracing
CRS                               - CRS client side tracing
SYSTEMSTATE_GLOBAL                - Perform cluster wide system state dump (via DIAG)
DUMP_ALL_COMP_GRANULE_ADDRS       - MMAN dump all granule addresses of all components (no level)
DUMP_ALL_COMP_GRANULES            - MMAN dump all granules of all components (1 for partial list)
DUMP_ALL_REQS                     - MMAN dump all pending memory requests to alert log
DUMP_TRANSFER_OPS                 - MMAN dump transfer and resize operations history
DUMP_ADV_SNAPSHOTS                - MMAN dump all snapshots of advisories (level unused)
CONTROLF                          - DuMP control file info
FLUSH_CACHE                       - Flush buffer cache without shuting down the instance
SET_AFN                           - Set afn # for buffer flush (level = afn# )
SET_ISTEMPFILE                    - Set istempfile for buffer flush (level = istempfile )
FLUSH_BUFFER                      - Reuse block range without flushing entire cache
BUFFERS                           - Dump all buffers in the buffer cache at level l
SET_TSN_P1                        - Set tablespace # for buffer dump (level = ts# + 1)
BUFFER                            - Dump all buffers for full relative dba  at lvl 10
BC_SANITY_CHECK                   - Run buffer cache sanity check (level = 0xFF for full)
SET_NBLOCKS                       - Set number of blocks for range reuse checks
CHECK_ROREUSE_SANITY              - Check range/object reuse sanity (level = ts#)
DUMP_PINNED_BUFFER_HISTORY        - kcb Dump pinned buffers history (level = # buffers)
REDOLOGS                          - Dump all online logs according to the level
LOGHIST                           - Dump the log history (1: dump earliest/latest entries, >1: dump most recent 2**level entries)
REDOHDR                           - Dump redo log headers
LOCKS                             - Dump every lock element to the trace file
GC_ELEMENTS                       - Dump every lock element to the trace file
FILE_HDRS                         - Dump database file headers
FBINC                             - Dump flashback logs of the current incarnation and all its ancestors.
FBHDR                             - Dump all the flashback logfile headers
FLASHBACK_GEN                     - Dump flashback generation state
KTPR_DEBUG                        - Parallel txn recovery (1: cleanup check, 2: dump ptr reco ctx, 3: dump recent smon runs)
DUMP_TEMP                         - Dump temp space management state (no level)
DROP_SEGMENTS                     - Drop unused temporary segments
TREEDUMP                          - Dump an index tree rooted at dba BLOCKDBA ()
KDLIDMP                           - Dump 11glob inodes states (level = what to dump)
ROW_CACHE                         - Dump all cache objects
LIBRARY_CACHE                     - Dump the library cache (level > 65535 => level = obj @)
CURSORDUMP                        - Dump session cursors
CURSOR_STATS                      - Dump all statistics information for cursors
SHARED_SERVER_STATE               - Dump shared server state
LREG_STATE                        - Dump listener registration state
JAVAINFO                          - Dump Oracle Java VM
KXFPCLEARSTATS                    - Clear all Parallel Query messaging statistics
KXFPDUMPTRACE                     - Dump Parallel Query in-memory traces
KXFXSLAVESTATE                    - Dump PX slave state (1: uga; 2: current cursor state; 3: all cursors)
KXFXCURSORSTATE                   - Dump PX slave cursor state
WORKAREATAB_DUMP                  - Dump SQL Memory Manager workarea table
OBJECT_CACHE                      - Dump the object cache
SAVEPOINTS                        - Dump savepoints
RULESETDUMP                       - Dump rule set
FAILOVER                          - Set condition failover immediate
OLAP_DUMP                         - Dump OLAP state
AWR_FLUSH_TABLE_ON                - Enable flush of table id  (ids in X$KEWRTB)
AWR_FLUSH_TABLE_OFF               - Disable flush of table id  (ids in X$KEWRTB)
AWR_DEBUG_FLUSH_TABLE_ON          - Enable debug of flushing the table with id  (ids in X$KEWRTB)
AWR_DEBUG_FLUSH_TABLE_OFF         - Disable debug of flushing the table with id  (ids in X$KEWRTB)
ASHDUMP                           - Dump ASH data (level = # of minutes)
ASHDUMPSECONDS                    - Dump ASH data (level = # of seconds)
HM_FW_TRACE                       - DIAG health monitor set tracing level
IR_FW_TRACE                       - DIAG intelligent repair set/clear trace
GWM_TRACE                         - Global Services Management set/clear trace
GWM_TEST                          - Global Services Management set/clear GDS test
GLOBAL_BUFFER_DUMP                - Request global buffer dump (level 1 = TRUE)
KDFSDMP                           - Dump dbfs c-api states (level = what to dump)
DEAD_CLEANUP_STATE                - Dump dead processes and killed sessions
IMDB_PINNED_BUFFER_HISTORY        - Dump IMDB pinned buffer history (level = (dump_level << 16 | num_buffers))
SLOCK_DUMP                        - Dump s-lock resources globally
STATE_OBJECT_DELETION_TIME        - Dump state object deletion times
HEAPDUMP_ADDR                     - Heap dump by address routine (level > 1 dump content)
POKE_ADDRESS                      - Poke specified address (level = value)
CURSORTRACE                       - Trace cursor by hash value (hash value is address)
RULESETDUMP_ADDR                  - Dump rule set by address
kewmdump                          - Dump Metrics Metadata and Memory
con_id                            - Return Container Id as UB8
DUMP_SWAP                         - dump system memory and swap information
ALERT_SWAP                        - issue alert message about system swap percentage
DUMP_PATCH                        - dump patch information
dumpKSIPCState                    - Dump KSIPC State
dumpKSTBuffers                    - Dump KST Buffers
rfrdm_dump_state                  - Dump DG Broker State
FLUSH_DBREPLAY_CAPTURE_BUFFER     - Flush Database Replay capture buffer

Actions in library GENERIC:

dumpKGERing                       - Dump contents of KGE ring buffer
dumpKGEIEParms                    - Dump memory around internal error parameters
dumpKGEState                      - Dump KGE state information for debugging

Actions in library CLIENT:

kpuActionDefault                  - dump OCI data
kpuActionSignalCrash              - crash and produce a core dump (if supported and possible)
kpudpaActionDpapi                 - DataPump dump action

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