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SQL> oradebug doc event name
Events in library DIAG:
trace[]Main event to control UTS tracing
disable_dde_action[]Event used by DDE to disable actions
ams_trace[]Event to dump ams performance trace records
ams_rowsrc_trace[]Event to dump ams row source tracing
sweep_verificationEvent to enable sweep file verification
enable_xml_inc_stagingEvent to enable xml incident staging format
dbg[]Event to hook dbgtDbg logging statements
Events in library RDBMS:
wait_event[]event to control wait event post-wakeup actions
alert_textevent for textual alerts
trace_recursiveevent to force tracing recursive SQL statements
clientid_overwriteevent to overwrite client_identifier when client_info is set
sql_monitorevent to force monitoring SQL statements
sql_monitor_testevent to test SQL monitoring
eventsync_tacEvent posted from events syncing tac
sql_traceevent for sql trace
pmon_startupstartup of pmon process
background_startupstartup of background processes
db_open_beginstart of db open operation
test_gvtftest GV$() Table Tunction
faultEvent used to inject fault in RDBMS kernel
em_expressEM Express debug event
emx_controlevent to control em express
emx_test_controlevent to control em express testing
awrdiag[]AWR Diagnostic Event
msgq_traceevent to control msgq tracing
ipclw_traceevent to control ipclw tracing
kbc_faultevent to control container fault injection
asm_corruption_traceevent to control ASM corruption tracing
kxdrs_simdebug event to simulate certain conditions in kxdrs layer
kcfio_debugdebug event to debug kcfio based on event level
krbabrstat_faultevent to control krbabrstat fault injection
periodic_dump[]event for periodically dumping
kxdrs_log_for_wbfcdebug event to log skipped extents for wbfc resilvering
clean_plsql_error_stackEvent to clear ORA-06512s from the error stack
plsql_coverage_flagEvent to set plsql coverage flag
Events in library GENERIC:
kg_event[]Support old error number events (use err# for short)
Events in library CLIENT:
oci_traceevent for oci trace
Events in library LIBCELL:
libcell_statlibcell statistics level specification
cellclnt_skgxp_trc_opsControls to trace SKGXP operations
cellclnt_ossnet_trcControls to trace IP affinity in ossnet
cellclnt_high_lat_opsControl to trace High-latency I/O operations
diskmon_sim_ops[]Diskmon simulation events
cellclnt_read_outlier_limitControl to trace read I/O outliers
cellclnt_write_outlier_limitControl to trace write I/O outliers
cellclnt_lgwrite_outlier_limitControl to trace log write I/O outliers
cellclnt_sparse_modeMode of how to handle sparse buffers
cellclnt_submission_reconSimulation period for forcing submission reconnect
Events in library FPLIB:
fgq_controlfine grain quarantine control
Events in library ADVCMP:
ccmp_debugcolumnar compression debug event
inmemory_nobasicdisable KDZCF_IMC_BASIC implementation
inmemory_nohybriddisable KDZCF_IMC_HYBRID implementation
ccmp_aligncolumnar compression enable alignment
ccmp_countstarcolumnar compression enable count(*) optimization
ccmp_dumpunalignedcolumnar compression dump dbas of unaligned CUs
ccmp_rbtreecolumnar compression switch back to rb tree
inmemory_force_cclinmemory force column compression levels
columnar_cache_configflash cash configuration event
inmemory_nobitpacked_gddisable bit-packed GD codes in CU. Use ub4 instead
inmemory_dicthashenable storage of dictionary hash values in IMCU
inmemory_cache_joinoptinmemory cache join optimizations
inmemory_scan_joinoptjoin optimizations to use during scan
inmemory_compute_cachehashcompute a hash vector when there is no cached hash
ifc_dump_blockblock rdba to dump in IFC
ifc_disable_scan_riddisable CC2 type scan when rowid is required
ifc_sim_version_mismatchsimulate IFC version mismatch error
ifc_disable_col_cryptodisable column level encryption/decryption
inmemory_prefixdictenable prefix compression on dictionary encoded IMCU
inmemory_disable_dsbusage of stored DSB dictionary during scans
disable_skip_pdoDisable skipping KAFPDO columns during projection
inmemory_noimedisable usage of IME in queries
Events in library PLSQL:
plsql_event[]Support PL/SQL error number events
Events in library VPLIB:
key_vector_debugkey vector debug parameters
key_vector_diagkey vector diagnostics parameters
key_vector_testkey vector testing parameters
vector_groupby_testvector group by testing parameters
vector_groupby_debugvector group by debugging parameters
binary_decimal_debugbinary decimal debugging parameters
key_vector_test2key vector testing parameters 2

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